Real Estate Expert Tina Walters Advocates Restructuring in Nigerian Rental Market Post-Pandemic

Taiwo Ajayi
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Tina Walters

In a recent interview in Lagos, Tina Walters, a Real Estate Expert and Director of Purifico Property Services, revealed that the global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic triggered widespread concession, renegotiation, and restructuring activities in the real estate market.

Walters emphasized the need for the Nigerian rental market to undergo restructuring, urging the government to encourage landlords to adopt flexible leasing arrangements through essential property management services.

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During her tour of Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, and South Africa, Walters highlighted the necessity of providing more affordable housing options and easier access for tenants in Nigeria. She stressed that restructuring, supported by government influence, could be the key to achieving these goals.

Walters further disclosed that Purifico Property Services recently concluded a three-country tour, focusing on exploring potential investment opportunities in Nigeria. Impressed by Nigeria’s vibrant economy, robust infrastructure development, and increasing demand for quality real estate solutions, she expressed confidence in the country’s potential as a key investment destination in Africa.

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