The dearth of drainage in Ekiti put homes at risk of collapse

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The dearth of drainage in Ekiti put homes at risk of collapse

The glaring lack of proper drainage infrastructure in Ekiti rural communities is now setting countless homes at risk of collapse.

The dire situation has given rise to severe flooding, causing damage to properties and rendering many roads impassable.

The residents who comprise Ekiti State University students and indigenes in areas around Phase2, Iworoko Ekiti, and Yemkem call for help have largely fallen on deaf ears, as the state government has yet to prioritize the construction of drainage systems in the supposed environs.

This lack of action has left many questioning the commitment and responsibility of those in power to address this pressing issue.

Mr. Fabiyi Ayomide, a civil engineer, highlighted the dangers associated with the absence of proper drainage systems.

He stated, “Without an effective drainage system, the water has nowhere to go, causing it to seep into the soil and weaken the foundation of buildings. Over time, this can lead to buildings collapsing, putting lives at risk.”

The dearth of drainage in Ekiti put homes at risk of collapse
The dearth of drainage in Ekiti put homes at risk of collapse

The dire consequences of the dearth of drainage became evident last month when a resident of Yemkem and Phase2 found it difficult to get a bike to take home due to the sloppy road which prevented bikes men from mobilizing indigene and students to their respective homes

Pastor Ayoola Gabriel, a resident of Yemkem environments lamented how lack of drainage could have almost collapsed the wall of his building if not for getting a beam to support the wall and constructing a localized drainage to enable the flow of the water

“I have no option than to use my last penny to construct a pillar to support the wall, while all my church members create a channel for the water but leading to another drainage that is closed”

In response to these concerns, the Chairman of Irepodun Ifelodun local government, Hon. Sola Adebayo acknowledged the severity of the situation and assured residents that measures are being taken to address the drainage issue.

He mentioned that plans for the construction of proper drainage systems are already underway.

Adebayo also emphasized that this issue requires a comprehensive approach, involving not only the construction of drainage systems but also the rehabilitation of existing ones.

He stated, “We understand the urgency of the matter and are taking necessary steps to ensure the safety and well-being of our residents.

We are committed to implementing long-term solutions that will mitigate the risks of flooding and prevent further damage to homes.”

Despite the government’s assurances, residents remain skeptical due to the lack of visible progress on the ground. They argue that immediate action is needed to prevent further deterioration of their homes and protect lives.

Local community leaders and advocacy groups have also joined the call, emphasizing the urgency of the situation.

They have demanded transparency in the government’s plans and urged regular updates and timelines for the construction of drainage systems.

As the rainy season continues, it is evident that the dearth of drainage systems in Ekiti State continues to put homes at risk of collapse.

The residents anxiously await the implementation of comprehensive measures to address the issue and safeguard their properties and lives.

Only time will tell if the government will fulfil its promises and provide the necessary infrastructure to mitigate the risks of flooding and prevent further damage.

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