UK Construction Industry is Inviting Nigerian Bricklayers, Carpenters, Tilers, Others for Work

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The specialized areas in demand encompass bricklayers, masons, roofers, roof tilers, slaters, carpenters, joiners, and plasterers.

The Universal Learn Direct Academia (ULDA) has established collaborations with British enterprises to engage proficient Nigerian individuals for overseas employment. This initiative comes in response to the United Kingdom’s inclusion of various construction positions in its “shortage occupation list.”

Consequently, this adjustment facilitates the recruitment of international personnel by the UK construction industry, offering assistance to employers facing challenges in filling crucial roles. The specialised areas in demand encompass bricklayers, masons, roofers, roof tilers, slaters, carpenters, joiners, and plasterers. UK grappling with severe labour shortages According to The Nation, Suzannah Nichol, the Chief Executive of Build UK, emphasised the construction industry’s need to hire 45,000 individuals to sustain its productivity annually.

According to ULDA’s Visioner, Gbola Oba, the United Kingdom is currently grappling with severe labour shortages in specific sectors, prompting employers to actively seek skilled workers from overseas. Drawing on his experience as a former UK diasporan, Oba has brought together a team comprising top-notch building and construction experts hailing from the UK, European Union, Dubai, the United States, and South African Diasporas. This collective effort has given rise to one of Nigeria’s forefront construction companies.

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Oba highlights the increasing significance of construction workers, underscoring their critical role in supporting the UK government’s initiatives to deliver key national infrastructure projects and catalyse growth across associated industries. He noted that the United Kingdom is currently contending with a significant scarcity of construction workers, a challenge exacerbated by the combined effects of Brexit and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Elaborating on this, he detailed how the organisation has successfully incorporated many young Nigerians, skillfully trained by ULDA, to fill roles within the UK job market. Earlier, the UK government had listed Nigeria among African countries whose citizens can apply for qualified teacher status via the Teaching Regulation Agency in the United Kingdom.

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