Architect of Change: Femi Adewole Emerges Coop Mortgage Bank Chairman

Taiwo Ajayi
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Femi Adewole

Femi Adewole, a seasoned housing finance professional and architect, has emerged Chairman of the Coop Mortgage Bank.

Adewole, with over 34 years of experience in housing finance, development, and project management, brings a wealth of expertise to the institution’s leadership team.

Formerly serving as the Managing Director at the Family Homes Funds Ltd, Adewole played a pivotal role in driving the organization’s mission of providing affordable housing solutions. He also held the position of Ag. Managing Director at Shelter Afrique, a Pan African Housing Development and Finance Institution based in Nairobi.


Adewole’s career extends to influential roles in some of the largest housing companies in the United Kingdom. Notably, he served as the Group Operations Director at Notting Hill Housing Group, overseeing a staff of over 1,500 individuals. Additionally, he held the position of Investment Director at the Guinness Partnership, further solidifying his expertise in the field.

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With a focus on developing afro-centric housing finance solutions tailored to the unique context of predominantly low-income and informal economies in Sub-Saharan Africa, Adewole’s emergence as Chairman of Coop Mortgage Bank highlights the institution’s commitment to innovative housing finance strategies.

As a member of the board of Africa International Housing Show and with his extensive experience in the housing sector, Adewole is poised to provide valuable insights and expertise to Coop Mortgage Bank. His appointment marks a significant step for the institution as it seeks to bolster its position in the housing finance market and drive sustainable development in the region.

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