ICPC to partner Institute of Mortgage Brokers and Lenders

Taiwo Ajayi
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Mr. Clifford Okwudiri Okparaodu, the Secretary to the Commission, conveyed ICPC’s commitment to this partnership during a visit by the Registrar of IMBLN, Dr. Jasper Adeleye, and his team.

Mr. Okparaodu highlighted the constitutional provision for decent housing, expressing concern over the prevalence of fraudsters hindering Nigerians from accessing housing.


He commended IMBLN for its vision and urged them to simplify the mortgage access process to prevent Nigerians from falling victim to fraudsters.

Mr. Okparaodu emphasized ICPC’s readiness to collaborate with IMBLN to promote good governance, integrity, and improve living standards for Nigerians.

Speaking on behalf of IMBLN, Mr. Kingsley Ojo emphasized the impact of inadequate housing and mortgage access on both citizens and the nation’s GDP.

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He noted that corruption in the mortgage sector perpetuates poverty and inequality, depriving many families of their right to decent housing.

Mr. Ojo proposed collaboration between ICPC and IMBLN to implement strong anti-corruption measures, including rigorous vetting processes for mortgage brokers and lenders, and regular audits to ensure compliance with ethical standards.

He suggested information sharing, joint investigations, capacity building, advocacy, and policy reform as strategies for success in eradicating corruption and ensuring affordable housing for Nigerians.

The collaboration between ICPC and IMBLN is expected to contribute significantly to combating corruption, money laundering, and promoting affordable housing in Nigeria.

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