Beyond Luxury Homes, DME to Launch 69 Affordable Housing Units

Taiwo Ajayi
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Dynamic Mayor Edge Nigeria Limited

Dynamic Mayor Edge Nigeria Limited (DME) is poised to inaugurate 69 affordable housing units this March.

This announcement was made by the company’s CEO, Olumayowa Olurishe, in an exclusive interview with Housing TV Africa.

According to him, the upscale project, initiated two years ago, aims to assist the government in addressing Nigeria’s housing deficit.


Olurishe emphasized the company’s dedication to providing housing for every Nigerian, irrespective of economic status. He highlighted that the project offers diverse housing options beyond luxury accommodations.

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“We view luxury as a right for everyone. This implies that with modest financial resources, one can enjoy luxury. Constructing luxury does not imply that we exclude anyone.

“Luxury is a state of mind. We cater to individuals who appreciate luxury, but that does not mean we overlook affordability.

“We want Nigerians to understand that we still prioritize housing for Nigerians and, in doing so, support the government in alleviating the housing deficit,” Olurishe affirmed.

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