Ekiti State Approves N301m Compensation for Airport Land Owners

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Ekiti State Approves N301m Compensation for Airport Land Owners

The Ekiti State Government has sanctioned a budget of N1.197 billion for an array of critical projects, including road rehabilitation, flood prevention measures, and the procurement and distribution of agricultural inputs to local farmers.

Additionally, the government will facilitate the final compensation payment for airport land acquisition.

During last week’s State Executive Council meeting, Commissioner for Information Taiwo Olatunbosun announced the approvals, emphasizing the state’s commitment to infrastructure development and economic advancement.

He noted that Governor Biodun Oyebanji is dedicated to improving infrastructure while ensuring fair compensation for those affected by government projects.

Compensation for Airport Land Acquisition
Olatunbosun revealed that N301.98 million has been allocated as the final tranche of compensation for the 377 claimants whose crops and structures were impacted by the airport acquisition process.

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This payment underscores the administration’s pledge to balance development with the rights and needs of affected citizens.

Accessibility for Public Buildings
The executive council has mandated that all public buildings, including malls, supermarkets, religious institutions, educational facilities, banks, and official buildings, comply with the disability law by 2025. This directive aims to provide better access for individuals with mobility challenges, ensuring inclusivity across the state.

Agricultural Support
To bolster agricultural productivity, the government approved N150 million for the procurement and distribution of improved seeds, agrochemicals, and fertilizers to farmers. Inputs to be distributed include maize, rice, cocoa, cassava stalks, oil palm, cashews, and agrochemicals.

This initiative follows an earlier approval of N450 million to support agricultural schemes affected by federal delays in input distribution.

Road Rehabilitation and Flood Prevention
The council has also allocated N268.17 million for the rehabilitation of the Housing Roundabout to Prison Junction Road in Ado Ekiti. Additionally, N165.55 million has been approved for the de-silting of drains, culverts, and access slabs in Ado, Ikere, and Irepodun/Ifelodun local government areas.

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These measures are part of the administration’s ongoing efforts to mitigate flood risks and maintain hydraulic infrastructure.

Arts and Cultural Centre
In a bid to promote and preserve the state’s cultural heritage, the government has approved N221.66 million for the construction of an Arts and Cultural Centre. The facility will feature an arts theatre, art gallery and museum, multipurpose hall, sales point for artworks, crafts and souvenirs, huts for craftsmen and women, bush-bars, kitchens, conveniences, a borehole, generator house, and security post.

Urban Water Supply Assessment
Finally, the council approved N90 million for the assessment of the urban pipeline water network. This project is part of broader sector reforms aimed at enhancing the management and delivery of sustainable water supply services under the Sustainable Urban and Rural Water Supply, Sanitation, and Hygiene program.

These approvals reflect the Ekiti State Government’s comprehensive approach to infrastructure development, agricultural support, and cultural preservation, ensuring the well-being and advancement of its citizens.

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