Enugu State Tackles Land Grabbing and Open Grazing as Governor Mbah Enacts Four New Laws

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Enugu State Tackles Land Grabbing and Open Grazing as Governor Mbah Enacts Four New Laws

Governor of Enugu State, Dr. Peter Mbah, has signed four significant bills into law, emphasizing that these measures are integral to his administration’s goal of transforming the state into the leading destination for ease of doing business, investment, tourism, and living in Nigeria.

The newly enacted laws include:

  1. Enugu State Properties Protection Law: This legislation aims to curb the activities of land grabbers, ensuring that property investments are secure and title documents are legally upheld.
  2. Enugu State Public Ranch Management Agency Law: Designed to eliminate open grazing, this law seeks to attract both local and international investments in the livestock sector by promoting modern, civilized ranching practices.
  3. Enugu State Sports Development Fund Law: This law intends to rejuvenate the sports sector, positioning it as a significant driver of economic growth by nurturing talent from the grassroots level
  4. Enugu State Environmental and Climate Protection Law: This comprehensive law is focused on implementing clear policies for environmental conservation and addressing the challenges posed by climate change.

During the signing ceremony, attended by the Speaker of the Enugu State House of Assembly, Hon. Uchenna Ugwu, and the Clerk of the State Assembly, Dr. Emma Udaya, Governor Mbah highlighted the urgency and importance of these laws.

“The Enugu State Properties Protection Law is part of our commitment to improving the ease of doing business. Investors must have confidence that their property titles are secure and legitimate,” said Governor Mbah. He warned land grabbers of the severe penalties stipulated in the new law, signaling a crackdown on illegal land acquisition.

Addressing misconceptions about the Public Ranch Management Agency Law, Governor Mbah clarified, “This law mandates civilized cattle rearing practices. Open grazing is outdated and often leads to conflicts between farmers and herders. By adopting modern ranching methods, we aim to foster harmony and attract investments in the livestock sector.”

On the Environmental and Climate Protection Law, Governor Mbah stated, “Protecting our environment goes beyond mere rhetoric. This law outlines specific policies to combat environmental degradation and address climate change. We must take proactive steps to safeguard our future.”

Regarding the Sports Development Fund Law, he explained, “We view sports not only as a recreational activity but as a vital economic sector. This law will help us develop sports infrastructure, nurture young talent, and create opportunities for economic advancement through sports.”

Governor Mbah praised the Enugu State House of Assembly for their prompt passage of these executive bills, noting that such collaboration exemplifies the strength of democracy.

Speaker Hon. Ugwu expressed optimism that the new laws would significantly improve the lives of Enugu State residents, reaffirming the Assembly’s commitment to working with the executive branch for the state’s common good.

This legislative milestone marks a pivotal step in Enugu State’s journey toward economic revitalization and sustainable development.

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