Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Kickstarts Construction of New Housing Complex

Olivia Pressman
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Ethiopia's Prime Minister Kickstarts Construction of New Housing Complex

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has inaugurated the commencement of construction for a new housing complex slated for completion by September 2024.

The ambitious project aims to elevate the living standards of impoverished communities across the nation.

In an announcement made via social media, Prime Minister Abiy expressed his enthusiasm for the initiative, highlighting its potential to create a vibrant and sustainable environment for residents.

“Through this project, we are witnessing the power of continuity,” remarked Prime Minister Abiy. “The Aware housing complex symbolizes our commitment to ongoing progress, demonstrating how sustained efforts can revitalize neighborhoods and uplift their inhabitants.”

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The Prime Minister underscored that the benefits of the initiative extend beyond the immediate residents, offering opportunities for local developers to contribute to the project’s success.

The housing complex, once completed, is expected to serve as a beacon of hope and transformation, embodying Ethiopia’s dedication to improving the quality of life for all its citizens.

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