Meet Chief Fabian Nwaora, a strong pillar of Housing Development in Nigeria

Taiwo Ajayi
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Chief Fabian Nwaora
Chief Fabian Nwaora, the esteemed chairman of EFAB Properties Limited, epitomizes the entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to hard work ingrained in Nigerian culture.

From his early years, he imbibed values of diligence, integrity, and faith from his parents, the late Chief Ejefobinyi and Madam Louisa Uzoejeaga Nwaora, understanding that these principles were fundamental to achieving success.


Having commenced his education at St. Anthony Primary School and City Primary School, Chief Nwaora swiftly transitioned into the business world in the 1980s, commencing his journey in Kano, Kano State.

Over the years, he expanded his business ventures across the nation, driven by a relentless pursuit of growth and opportunity.

Recognizing the need to diversify and capitalize on emerging prospects within Nigeria’s evolving economy, Chief Nwaora strategically broadened his business portfolio in critical sectors. This strategic foresight culminated in the relocation of his headquarters to the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) in Abuja in 1992, marking a pivotal moment in his entrepreneurial trajectory.

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With over four decades of impactful investments nationwide, Chief Nwaora’s visionary leadership has not only created employment opportunities across diverse industries but also significantly contributed to the development of Abuja’s urban landscape through the construction of thousands of affordable housing units.

Under the umbrella of the Nwaora Group of Companies, Chief Nwaora’s conglomerate encompasses entities such as EFAB Properties Ltd, EFAB Petroleum, and Queen Construction and Commercial Co. Ltd, among others. Notably, EFAB Properties Ltd has been instrumental in the construction of over 5,000 housing units, playing a pivotal role in the government’s mass housing initiatives.

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Beyond his entrepreneurial pursuits, Chief Nwaora’s philanthropic endeavors, including the Chikeluba Education Scholarship Foundation, have empowered numerous underprivileged students nationwide to pursue secondary and tertiary education. In recognition of his outstanding contributions to housing development and societal impact, Chief Nwaora was conferred with the prestigious national honor of Member of the Order of the Niger (MON) in 2008.

As Chief Nwaora remains steadfast in his commitment to driving economic prosperity and eradicating poverty in Nigeria, his enduring legacy as a trailblazing entrepreneur and compassionate philanthropist continues to inspire future generations.

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