Minister of Power Criticizes Nigerians for Wasteful Power Consumption

Taiwo Ajayi
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Adebayo Adelabu

In a recent statement, Adebayo Adelabu, the Minister of Power, has sharply criticized Nigerians for their careless use of electricity. Speaking to journalists in Abuja, Adelabu highlighted the lack of a culture of power consumption management among Nigerians, attributing it to the affordability of electricity tariffs.

Adelabu emphasized the need for Nigerians to adopt more responsible energy consumption habits, noting that some citizens leave appliances like freezers and air conditioners running even when they are not at home. He pointed out that this behavior not only wastes electricity but also contributes to the strain on the national power grid.


“The bitter truth we all need to tell ourselves as Nigerians is that a few people are just privileged to sit on the high table. We’re on the same level, and we must be able to tell the truth to ourselves,” Adelabu said.

He further highlighted the contrast in attitudes towards power consumption between Nigeria and other countries, citing the conscientiousness of power consumers overseas. Adelabu urged Nigerians to emulate this behavior and be more mindful of their electricity usage.

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Adelabu’s comments come in the wake of the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission’s (NERC) approval of an increase in electricity tariffs for customers under the Band A classifications. Starting from April 3, customers receiving 20 hours of electricity supply daily will pay N225 per kilowatt (kW), nearly triple the previous rate of N66 per kilowatt (kW).

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The minister’s remarks serve as a reminder of the importance of efficient energy consumption practices and the need for Nigerians to adopt a more sustainable approach to using electricity.

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