Nigeria’s Top 10 Most Expansive and Luxurious Estates

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Nigeria's Top 10 Most Expansive and Luxurious Estates

Nigeria, a country renowned for its diversity and splendor, also boasts some of the most opulent and expansive estates on the continent.

These estates reflect the nation’s rich economic and social heritage. According to a survey by Private Property, here are the top 10 biggest estates in Nigeria.

Gwarimpa Estate – Abuja

Leading the list is Gwarimpa Estate in Abuja, a vast residential enclave commissioned by the late General Sani Abacha. Rumored to be the largest estate in West Africa, it spans approximately 1,090 hectares. It primarily houses government civil servants, high commissions, and embassies. Property prices range from N65 million to N90 million for luxury homes.

Festac Town – Lagos

Festac Town, built for the Second World Festival of Black Arts and Culture in 1977, offers over 5,000 housing units. Despite mixed reviews, it provides affordable living options across various income levels. Property prices range from N65 million for a 5-bedroom duplex to N90 million for larger homes. Rentals for 3-bedroom apartments average around N1.3 million annually.

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Sunnyvale Homes – Abuja

Sunnyvale Homes in Abuja’s Dakwo District spans 101 hectares and includes amenities such as a shopping mall, police station, and sports facilities. A 3-bedroom semi-detached bungalow here can cost up to N21 million, reflecting its luxury status.

Rainbow Town Estate – Port Harcourt

Located in Port Harcourt’s Trans-Amadi district, Rainbow Town Estate spans 23 hectares and features 1,181 housing units, including high-rise luxury villas. It is notable for its architectural splendor, including the 15-storey Point Block towers and 12-storey City Block towers. Properties in this estate reflect its N82 billion value.

Parkview Estate, Ikoyi – Lagos

Parkview Estate, situated in Lagos’s upscale Ikoyi district, is known for its top-tier security and premium amenities. With around 400 housing units, property prices range from N85 million for a 3-bedroom apartment to N250 million for larger homes, catering to the affluent.

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Nicon Town – Lagos

Nicon Town, located on the Lekki Peninsula, spans 57 hectares and epitomizes luxury. Developed by Chevron Employees Multipurpose Cooperative Society, land prices have soared from 5 million Naira to over N155 million. Rental rates for a 3-bedroom house can reach N2 million annually.

Efab Estate – Abuja

Efab Estate, primarily located in Lokogoma, Abuja, covers 60 hectares and includes over 800 housing units. It offers world-class utilities and services, with property prices ranging from N70 million to N130 million for a 5-bedroom duplex and over N40 million for a 3-bedroom bungalow.

Lekki Scheme I – Lagos

Lekki Scheme I is a model of modern luxury living, known for its organized road networks and lush green spaces. It offers a blend of contemporary amenities and natural beauty, making it a prime choice for residents seeking comfort and convenience.

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Banana Island – Lagos

Banana Island, a man-made haven in Lagos, epitomizes luxury with its pristine waterfront views and lavish residences. Home to sprawling mansions and luxury apartments, it represents the pinnacle of opulent living in Nigeria.

Ikeja GRA – Lagos

Ikeja Government Reserved Area (GRA) in Lagos offers elegance and sophistication with its tree-lined streets and stately homes. This well-planned neighborhood provides easy access to business districts and cultural attractions, making it an ideal choice for those valuing luxury and tranquility.

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