NIOB Commits to Raising Advocacy for Builders in Nigeria

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NIOB Commits to Raising Advocacy for Builders in Nigeria

The new leadership of the Nigerian Institute of Builders (NIOB), has commited to raise the bar in Advocacy for better prospects, to change the lot of Builders in Nigeria.

Following his emergence as the 22nd president of The Nigerian Institute of Builders, the new President, Bldr. Alderton Ewa, Ewa has stated that under his leadership, the advocacy for Builders would be strengthened across Nigeria.

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He made this known while speaking in an interview with Housing TV Africa, where he outlined his agenda for the two years of his tenure.

He emphasized that Builders in Nigeria were not given proper recognition in the scheme of things in the country, a trend he promised to reverse.

He promised to raise the campaign for builders’ rights and needs across Nigeria, while also reinstating his resolve to drive the Institute to greater heights.

He said “Under my tenure, the advocacy which I intend to do within these 2 years, we will take our campaigns to campaigns to ministries, NDA’s, Senate, even states – to let people know that builders are professionally trained to build houses. In the whole country, the Advocacy is going to be there.

I am also going to make sure that builders are proud of themselves, having the documents to properly certify them”.

In view of the upcoming investiture of the Institute, he stated that the event would herald a new dawn for the Nigerian Institute of Builders (NIOB) and all builders across Nigeria.

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