Out of the Mud and Onto Desks: FCT Minister Orders Reconstruction of Bagusa School

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LEA Primary School, Bagusa, Abuja

Following a recent media report highlighting the dire condition of Local Education Authority Primary School in Bagusa, Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Minister, Mr. Nyesom Wike, has directed the Education Secretariat of the FCT Administration to immediately commence the reconstruction of the school’s classrooms.

“We will work tirelessly to enhance infrastructure and ensure that no child’s education is compromised by inadequate facilities or unsafe conditions,” declared Mr. Wike.

The school, which serves a population of approximately 200 pupils, currently operates with only six classrooms and a makeshift creche built by the community. The lack of adequate infrastructure has resulted in pupils being forced to sit on the bare floor to learn.

Upon inspecting the school on Thursday, Dr. Danlami Hayyo, the Mandate Secretary of the FCT Education Secretariat, expressed concern about the school’s condition and its potential impact on the learning outcomes of the pupils. He outlined a two-phase plan to address the issue.

“We are committed to addressing the underlying issues that led to this unacceptable situation,” asserted Dr. Hayyo.

In the short term, the administration will complete the construction of existing classrooms built by the community and construct additional classrooms to accommodate the growing student population. This will ensure a smooth transition for pupils from primary school to junior secondary school, which will also be located on the same site.

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In the long term, the FCT Education Secretariat will collaborate with relevant authorities and stakeholders, such as the Universal Basic Education Board, to secure counterpart funding and expedite the construction of the classrooms.

Hayyo also urged community members to refrain from encroaching on the school land to ensure the protection of the school’s facilities and resources. He highlighted that the school was established by the previous administration but has since lacked the necessary infrastructure support.

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The school’s pioneer Head Teacher, Mr. Chebawaza Katungu, expressed gratitude for the minister’s attention and the prompt intervention, which will undoubtedly create a safer and more conducive learning environment for both teachers and pupils.

“This will ensure a safer and more suitable learning environment for quality teaching and learning,” remarked Mr. Katungu.

The Chief of Bagusa Community, Mr. Zakka Iyah, also commended the FCT minister for the swift action and pledged the community’s full cooperation during the construction phase.

“We are thankful for the FCT minister’s prompt intervention,” stated Mr. Iyah.

source: Pm News

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