Old Court Zuba Residents Cry Out for help after years of Neglect Over Lack Of Electricity and Water

Taiwo Ajayi
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A Zuba resident fetching water from the well

Situated in the shadow of Abuja’s iconic Zuma Rock, the Old Court community paints a stark picture of a rural settlement struggling under the weight of neglect. This quiet corner of Gwagwalada Local Government, despite its proximity to the capital, grapples with daily hardships that threaten basic necessities and quality of life.

Living in the Dark: Erratic electricity supply plagues the community, casting a pall over businesses and homes. Tailor Isyaku Nasiru, echoing the voices of many, laments the unreliable power that stifles their livelihoods. Overhead water tanks stand as hollow promises, lacking proper management and leaving residents dependent on contaminated wells and the precarious “marwa” system. The risk of waterborne diseases looms large, casting a shadow over health and well-being.

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Trapped by Crumbling Roads: Rain becomes a curse, not a blessing, for Old Court. Potholed roads transform into muddy traps, rendering them impassable for vehicles. Erosion gnaws at the edges, further isolating the community. The dream of easy access remains a distant mirage.

A Night of Fear: Shadows hold terrors in Old Court. Unfettered burglaries haunt the residents, their pleas for security falling on deaf ears. The local vigilante, a frail hope, seems to flicker and fade with nightfall. Streetlights, a simple solution, remain a glimmer in the darkness.

Healing Hands Out of Reach: Sickness finds little solace in Old Court. The lone private medical facility, ill-equipped and understaffed, struggles to meet the community’s needs. Basic healthcare hangs by a thread, leaving residents vulnerable to illness and despair.

Education’s Uneven Footsteps: The thirst for knowledge finds nourishment, but not satiety, in Old Court’s schools. Dedicated teachers strive, but the lack of qualified personnel and essential textbooks leaves the educational journey incomplete. The children bear the burden of this inequity, their futures clouded by inadequate resources.

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Drains That Drown Hope: The rains bring another torment: overflowing drains and stagnant water. Mosquitoes breed, diseases fester, and the very infrastructure designed to protect becomes a breeding ground for misery.

A Collective Cry for Help: The residents of Old Court, their voices weary but resolute, plead for their government to hear their cries. They urge the authorities to remember them, to bridge the gap between the gleaming capital and their forgotten corner. They yearn for reliable electricity, clean water, accessible roads, security, proper healthcare, and a chance at a brighter future for their children.

Old Court stands as a stark reminder that the shadow of a majestic landmark can hide immense struggles. This report is a call to action, a plea to not let this community fade into the darkness. Their voices deserve to be heard, their needs deserve to be met.

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