Retiree with Disability Accuses Former FCT Minister of State of Land Grabbling Attempt in Abuja

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Ramatu Jummai Aliyu

Haasan Rabiu, a retired member of the Federal Capital Territory Development Authority (FCDA), is entangled in a dispute with former Minister of State for Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Ramatu Jummai Aliyu, over an alleged attempt to seize his land using proxies in the FCTA.

Rabiu, who faces physical challenges due to a past road accident, expressed dismay over the purported plans of the ex-minister and her relative, who serves as her Personal Assistant, to unlawfully acquire his property. The disputed land, covered by a statutory Right of Occupancy (R-of-O) issued in 2001, has become a focal point of contention.

According to Rabiu, a syndicate within the Department of Planning and Development Control, known for forging layouts and displacing original landowners with counterfeit documents, became involved. He recounted how the minister’s PA, posing as a former FCDA staff seeking guidance, convinced him to share details of the land. In good faith, Rabiu handed over the original documents, anticipating assistance in reclaiming the land usurped by a syndicate at FCDA.

Allegedly deceived, Rabiu claimed the PA reneged on the agreed 50/50 partnership, asserting that the ex-minister’s aide, in tandem with cronies, resorted to writing petitions with baseless claims of financial commitments. The initial petition to the Attorney General was dismissed for lack of evidence, discrediting their attempt to portray Rabiu negatively.

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A neighbor expressing interest in buying Rabiu’s land for a government agency triggered another round of claims. An investigative committee, including the Director of Abuja Geographic Information System (AGIS), affirmed Rabiu’s ownership. However, only a portion of the land received ministerial approval, with subsequent attempts to defame Rabiu through fresh petitions.

The disputed matter reached court, with Rabiu emphasizing that the accusations in the petitions differ from the terms outlined in the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). He highlighted inconsistencies, including the involvement of two companies linked to the ex-minister, claiming stakes in the land.

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In response, the PA dismissed Rabiu’s allegations, asserting that legal proceedings were underway. Rabiu countered, urging the need for evidence of any financial transactions between them. He also cited a suspicious call from a purported FCT police officer, raising concerns about harassment and intimidation.

Efforts to obtain the former minister’s response were unsuccessful. The intricacies of the dispute continue to unfold amid legal proceedings and counterclaims.

In a statement, Rabiu remarked, “I entrusted my land documents to them in good faith, hoping for assistance. Their betrayal and attempts to seize my property are deeply distressing. I will pursue justice and expose their deceitful tactics through legal means.”

Source: Sahara Reporters

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