10-story building built in just 28 hours, 45 minutes

Taiwo Ajayi
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Broad Group, a Chinese manufacturing company constructed a 10-story apartment building in just over a day, or 28 hours and 45 minutes, to be exact, and made a splash on the internet for Broad Group.

The residential building is earthquake-resistant and can also be disassembled and moved to another location.

Building and skyscraper construction is a task that frequently takes months or even years, but not for this Chinese construction company in Changsha, a Chinese firm with multiple verticals, one of which is sustainable development.

Some pictures of the construction in Changsha China, were posted by the building’s developer and they instantly went viral.

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The project was completed in 2021 by the real estate company using prefabricated construction systems. Trucks were used to deliver each component to the construction site after the rooms and other building modules were prefabricated in a factory.Related News


The Living Building “is endowed with the world’s highest quality in construction,” and it costs the least when it comes to both construction and energy usage. In addition to public buildings, Broad Group thinks the construction process might be utilized to construct buildings up to 200 floors high.

Back in 2012, the company announced intentions to construct the world’s tallest building in Changsha, which would have been built using prefabricated techniques. Sky City was scheduled to be built in just nine months.

The project was never completed due to safety concerns and a lack of government consent. Local towns have repurposed Sky City’s abandoned foundations into a fish farm.

Source: Businessday

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