Former Minister Fashola Urges State Review of Tenancy Laws for Monthly Rent Collection

Taiwo Ajayi
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Former Minister of Power, Works, and Housing, Babatunde Fashola

Former Minister of Power, Works, and Housing, Babatunde Fashola, has advocated for the revision of tenancy laws across states to mandate landlords to collect rents on a monthly basis.

Speaking at the launch of his book titled “Nigerian Public Discourse: The Interplay of Empirical Evidence and Hyperbole” in Lagos, Fashola highlighted the overwhelming burden faced by tenants with advance rent payments spanning up to three years or more.

Addressing the issue of unoccupied houses due to the current rent collection practices, Fashola urged states to emulate the tenancy bill enacted by the Lagos State House of Assembly in 2011.

This legislation criminalized the collection of rent exceeding one year in advance from new tenants.

Fashola emphasized the need for a comprehensive approach to housing, including rental policies.

He questioned the high number of empty houses and suggested that reforming rent collection practices could mitigate this issue.

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Highlighting the effectiveness of Lagos’ rent control law in alleviating rent burdens, Fashola encouraged other states to follow suit.

He proposed reducing rent payment periods to one year or even six months, aligning with individuals’ monthly pay schedules.

Fashola’s call for the review of tenancy laws aims to ease the financial strain on tenants and promote more equitable housing practices across states in Nigeria.


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