Senator Bindow Hails Dangiwa for Engaging Private Sector in Housing Development

Taiwo Ajayi
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Senator Jibrilla Bindow

Former Governor of Adamawa State, Senator Jibrilla Bindow, has hailed the Minister of Housing and Urban Development, Arch. Ahmed Dangiwa, for his proactive approach in engaging the private sector.

Senator Bindow commended the minister’s efforts in fostering collaboration between the government and private entities, particularly in the area of housing development. He outlined the importance of such partnerships in addressing the housing deficit and ensuring sustainable urban growth.


Senator Bindow extended his appreciation to President Bola Tinubu for his discerning selection of competent ministers, notably highlighting the Minister of Housing and Urban Development. He lauded the President’s commitment to appointing individuals with the requisite skills and expertise to drive progress in critical sectors like housing.

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He reiterated that such collaboration not only enhances efficiency but also promotes innovation, affordability, and transparency in housing projects.

“I want to commend the Minister of Housing and Urban Development. For me to see the honorable minister here, personally, not ending with a permanent secretary or any other person means this gentleman, not only is an architect… but I think if someone is a minister, you should also commend the government.

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“The Government of Tinubu has chosen some of the ministers that know what they are doing. It’s very important for the government to involve itself in the private sector,” Bindow asserted.

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