Bauchi Authorities Defend Demolitions, Pledge Support for Displaced Traders

Chinwe Okafor
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Bauchi Authorities Defend Demolitions, Pledge Support for Displaced Traders

The Bauchi State Government has addressed concerns over the ongoing demolition of illegal containers and structures, stating that the actions are part of a broader effort to enforce urban planning regulations and ensure public safety.

The demolition, which has sparked backlash from business and shop owners who accuse Governor Bala Mohammed’s administration of destroying their livelihoods, is aimed at restoring the state’s master plan, compromised by previous administrations.

During a media chat at the council chambers of the Government House yesterday, the Commissioner for Housing and Environment, Danlami Kawule, clarified the government’s intentions. “The demolitions aim to restore and maintain the state’s master plan. Many of these illegal containers are in high-traffic areas, causing accidents and occupying green spaces meant for public safety and beautification,” Kawule explained.

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Kawule emphasized that the initiative is not about destroying businesses but about creating a safer and more conducive environment for trading. “The decision to undertake these projects is not about destroying businesses or displacing people. It’s about creating a conducive environment where traders can operate without hindrance.”

Commissioner for Land and Survey, Maryam Katagum, also spoke during the media chat, outlining relocation plans for those affected by the demolitions. She identified the affected areas, including Adamu Jumba, Bauchi Club, GRA, Wunti Market, Murtala Mohammed Way, and Ahmadu Bello Way. Katagum assured that the government has designated new land for traders, particularly along major roads connecting to other states, to create business clusters.

Katagum dispelled rumors that Governor Bala Mohammed intended to drive people out of the state. “We are committed to relocating traders to new, designated areas to ensure their businesses can continue to thrive in a safer and more organized environment.”

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Commissioner for Internal Security and Domestic Affairs, Barr Abdulhamid Bununu, highlighted the security benefits of the demolitions. He noted that many of the illegal structures had become havens for criminals, drug dealers, and kidnappers, and their removal is crucial for improving public safety.

In summary, the Bauchi State Government reassures residents and business owners that the ongoing demolitions are necessary for urban planning and public safety, with plans in place to support those affected.

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